Hannah Palasinski



Trend Logos

Logos developed for the three macro trends used by the Kids II Trend and Surface department for the 2018-2019 design season.


Good Goes Round Logos

Logo and sub-logos developed for an internal motivational program for the Coca-Cola Company. Using their six pillars, creating a six strand braided wreath to show that working together for the same goal, to make good go round. A color coded system is used to help tie the sub-logos into the main Good Goes Round logo mark.


Edward Andrews Homes Logo

A logo redesign for a custom homebuilder in Atlanta, GA. It has an upscale, yet authentic look. The "EA" circle mark is an updated nod to the classic wax seal that the company can use on its own as a seal of authenticity across branding materials.


Gigantic Color Logo

A logo redesign for a large format printer company in Dallas, TX. A custom letter "G" was made to give a unique look against their competition. The "G" is breaking out of a bright orange circle to represent how truly gigantic the company's printing capabilities are.

Hannah Palasinski