Hannah Palasinski



Tiny Wins Button Wall, Kids II Kind + Jugend Tradeshow Booth

Over 5,000 buttons created a 6 foot wide interactive art installation. The buttons spelled out  "Tiny Wins" and as guests removed buttons the words "Bright Futures" were revealed by the end of the four day trade show.


Leave Behind, Design Series Collection Pitch for Buy Buy Baby

Hand wrapped cigar boxes that housed fabric swatches, a bag of coffee and a booklet containing product renderings of the proposed 7 piece high-end fashion collection. This was a take-away gift for the team of gear buyers to get them excited about the collection.


Trend Books, 2017 & 2018

Each year the Trend & Surface department establishes the 3 macro design trends for the upcoming year. The books contain pattern work, character development, mood boards and gear and toy application for the company's 3 brands.

Hannah Palasinski