Teach me how to Ombré

In case you've been living under a rock theres this color trend called Ombre. It means "shade" in French and is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, from light to dark and it is completely magical. To quote Monet, color is my daylong joy and torment. And Ombre gives me all the feels, so here are some tips on how you can add ombre into your life.

I'm on a float!

So it's (almost) officially summer! And if you live in the south you know what that means...finding the closest pool and hanging there all summer! 

If you've been on Pinterest lately I'm sure you've seen a buzz about how cool pool floats are the new thing. Well let me tell you, I was on the original cool pool float train. I had one of the "free willy" whale floats. It was obnoxiously large, but I loved him. My mom hated it because it took up our whole pool and she couldn't relax on it. Cue this photo I found online. 

After Willy met his maker (aka my father's lawnmower) I was never able to replace him. In the past few years however, I've seen this 6 foot swan show up all over blogs and Pinterest.

I obviously want one, not only because every one else has one (and I'm cool too ya know!) but You can actually fit more than one person semi comfortably on it. The tragedy I face now is that I don't live some place that has a pool and I can't imagine storing this big beauty in my studio and then stuffing her into my SUV to drive across town to my cousin's community pool. Although I'm sure her small kids would die over this! Now, we have even more adorable pool float options besides Willy and "The Swan". Below is a great collection of floats. Link here.

Who doesn't want a giant citrus pool float? It just screams relaxation.

After you find your perfect pool float you need your fav pool side beverage.

Cue these ADORABLE drink floats!!!! All are available at Ban.do.

Hopefully we can all find a pool float that fits our sense of style and fits in our pool! If you need me I'll be on a float!

The Perfect Bag

One of my life goals is to find the perfect handbag/luggage. Something made of good quality, durable material but most of all beautiful. If you've read my blog before you know that I LOVE Wes Anderson. His movies are cinema masterpieces. So when I came across a blog post about someone who designed a real life bag inspired by The Darjeeling Limited I quickly started trying to justify the cost of purchasing one for myself.


The Whitman brothers travel throughout India with this luggage, all owned by their father, while trying to bond with one another. It kind of becomes a hot mess, but those bags are so sexy! The simple monogram, each piece numbered, and hand painted with safari animals....uhh yes please! This is where the Italian finance lawyer from Venice comes in. A Wes Anderson superfan, Alberto Favaretto, had the idea to produce his own Darjeeling Limited luggage, and founded the company Very Troubled Child, which is named after the fictional book from Moonrise Kingdom.

So the original one-off set, were custom made by none other than the luggage fashion house, Louis Vuitton. I die, it makes a great movie even more perfect when it comes to the attention to detail. After the film's release the luggage was auctioned off for an unspeakable amount of money.

Today you can buy a genuine first-grain leather bag complete with emerald green inner cotton lining as well as safari animals manually embossed from a metal stamp color-printed on the leather. The bags are available in three sizes, from the travel bag at $99 to the largest duffle which starts at $490. 

Sadly, by the time I found this article the company is no longer selling this exact design of the Wes Anderson luggage, but you can buy something of a similar theme. However, I will continue to dream of these gorgeous bags and all the adventures we would take together.

Busy Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee since my last post in November, mostly due to traveling for the holidays but my design eye has not taken a break. I've noticed that Burt's Bees advertising has really stepped up their game.

I mean look at this....it's clean, simple and witting. "Uncap Flavor"? I remember when they just came out with lip balms and they had just the original "flavor" if you will. Now look, they have at least 8 different flavors to pick from. I love that the layout is clean but really fun, playing up their different flavors.

I don't know if this ad is recent or not, but it fits in line with the "Uncap Flavor" campaign. This "Nature Knows Color" is really fun for their 100% natural tinted lip balm, lip shine, lip shimmer & lip gloss. It really communicates to me that the colors are natural colors....not crazy pinks and reds that won't look good on anyone.


This one might be my favorite...a honeycomb net trying to capture mango butterflies. I love it!

We need to talk about your flair

I've been noticing such a random piece of art making a comeback lately...the enamel pin or pieces of flair if you are a fan of Office Space. 

They are popping up all over my favorite blogs and pinterest. I thought I would share some of my favorites! 

This photo is from A Cup of Jo.

You can find some more rad pins here.

How about this cool Frida pin from TheFoundRetail on Easy or this Tiki Drink pin below from the same place! I just love them!!!

This one may be my favorite, I do love Twin Peaks ever so much! You can buy it for $8 (!!!) at Mother Made.

And last but not least, this fun gem from Ghost Goods. 

I just love this fun, yet small way, to make a statement about your personality. What pieces of flair would you choose to wear?

Birthday Ramblings

I turned 26 last week and thought, wow, I am finally an adult. That was until a coworker reminded me the day before my birthday (aka the deadline) that I hadn't yet renewed the tags on my car. Insert forehead smack here. So I may not be a full fledged adult yet but here are the ramblings about what's been on my mind lately.