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Fresh Picked Polka Dots

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Every summer for as long as I can remember, I spent a week at my Aunt Anne’s cottage in South Haven, MI, surrounded by my little sister, Caitlin, and 3 or 4 of my mother's 11 siblings. Summers at the cottage are some of the strongest memories I have. We spent hours at the lake, eating potato chips, watermelon, and fresh corn on the cob. Growing up my kitchen responsibilities were limited to shucking the corn, one of my many Midwest talents. At the cottage, I discovered I was good at was making blueberry pancakes in the morning. This probably has something to do with my Type C personality tendencies. I was great at accurately measuring out the Bisquick mix and adding in fresh Michigan blueberries. Making pancakes is about waiting for just the right amount of time before the flip. They were always magic.

Hey, Hey, Good Looking, What Ya Got Cookin? -Hank Williams

Hey, Hey, Good Looking, What Ya Got Cookin? -Hank Williams

As far as iconic patterns go, you need look no further than the polka dot, it’s classic—timeless. Disney’s wholesome darling, Minnie Mouse, has rocked a red polka dot dress and bow since 1928. In 1951 Hollywood’s sex kitten, Marilyn Monroe, was famously photographed wearing a polka dot bikini, while at the same time I Love Lucy just begun airing on TV. And who can forget the brown and white polka dot dress Julia Roberts wore on a date with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? It is perhaps one of my favorite polka dots of all time. The dot was bold and strong, just like Julia’s character. Today, the polka dot has a consistent well put-together vibe. You put a Kate Spade polka dot handbag on your arm and boom, that girl has her shit (it) together. What’s great about the polka dot is its dynamic ability to go from pure and innocent one minute to seductress the next. I love that the polka dot is the free agent of the pattern world, no one owns it, and we all can take part in its dynamic abilities.

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