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Bar Cart Art

There's nothing better than a delicious cocktail at the end of a long day, am I right? I have this adorable bar cart that someone near and dear to me bought for around $3 and restored for me. We painted it a dark teal - called Neptune and I impulse purchased a bright orange tray from West Elm to put on top to hold all of my liquor bottles. These colors are outside of my normal color palette but they just called to me. My bar cart is one of a kind because the bottom of the cart is a shelf for cook books. So not only does my cart hold all of my drink fixings but also holds my precious vintage cookbooks, cocktail books and my tried and true cookbooks. It's basically everything I love in life in one place.

So, where am I going with all of this? It already stands out in my kitchen but I want it to be even more of a focal point. So I'm thinking I need to add some art. Here's what I'm thinking.


I've been obsessed with this picture since someone sent it to me on Pinterest. I need to get it printed and framed. I'll love this forrrrever! 

I also think that the happiest sound in the world (next to a babies laugh of course) is the sound of a bottle being popped open.

Someone please tell me where I can buy this print? I've tried all different google combinations and I can't figure out where this came from. Help me!!!

I love that this is a custom piece. It inspires me to typeset this quote myself.

All of Lawson's photographs in this series are gorgeous. The black background makes the colors pop! I could hang all of them and have that be my bar cart art alone. Check them out here

Brilliant, right? Cheers!