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You're Just Not My Type: Papyrus

My boss has pointed out to myself and others I am a type snob. And you know what? It's true. In today's day and age where anyone can go out and purchase Illustrator and Photoshop and promote themselves as graphic designers I like to remind people that I studied typography for four years. Four years studying letters! So I would like to think I know a little about the difference between well designed fonts and bad ones. So let's talk about a bad one. Papyrus.

By the way, I laughed out loud when I was searching through Avatar subtitle images and saw this one. I thought, "It's perfect!!!!". 

If you look up Papyrus in Wikipedia you get the following information. "Papyrus is a widely available typeface designed by Chris Costello, a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer. Created in 1982, it was hand-drawn over a period of six months by means of calligraphy pen and textured paper. It is often used where an antique look is desired, such as a church circular or coffee shop flyer." 

Now I understand why people like the font, it's different, it has texture, it stands out. But it started popping up everywhere. I'll never forget the day when I saw a van drive by with this logo on it.

Lord give me strength because this is HORRIBLE. As stated on Wikipedia this font is meant for church circulars and coffee shop flyers. This fruit arrangement business is neither of those things. It makes the business look so dated, when I think the idea of fruit in the shape of flowers is actually a pretty new and cool idea. 

I told my boyfriend 5 years ago when we started dating that I never wanted him to buy me flowers because they don't last long and that I would rather him take me out to dinner or buy me candy, I'd be much happier. So based on that information you would think that Edible Arrangements would be the ideal gift for a lady like me right? Well, when I saw that type face I said we can never support that business with bad design sense. Then one day I saw this...

Hot dang! They updated their logo! I about ran myself off the road when I saw their new logo zoom by on a delivery van! In my design opinion this new font seems to fit their business so much better, it's simple has curved edges and easy to relate to. Congrats edible arrangements, I may actually, possibly one day consider supporting your business.

And unless you've been living under a rock, Papyrus is most well known for being the font for the subtitles in James Cameron's Avatar movie. I loved that movie so much that I can overlook the use of that font. But Papyrus? You're just not my type.

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