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Yes Way Rose

Unless you've been living under a rock (or you don't drink) you've heard all about rose wine. It's pretty much God's gift to wine lovers. I will not pretend to be knowledgable about wine, I used to only drink sweet, dessert wines and I've slowly (over six years) been moving towards dryer wines. Then one day, someone had me try this rose....

and I've been in love ever since. It's the perfect mix of fruit and sweet and dry. Below is a breakdown of different types of rose, because they are not all in fact the same.

And how cute are this rose themed cocktail doodles?!

I found this grouping of different rose brands, two of my top favorites are included: #1 is the Miraval and #2 is Sofia. I also recently discovered Dark Horse brand rose, which is about $8 at my local Kroger. I've never been disappointed by a rose yet.

When I was in Charleston last year a friend and I discovered this local company called Rewined that makes candles scented like wines, and the containers are made out of old wine bottles. I purchased the Rose candle, and it smells AMAZING, which is bittersweet because I want to burn it all the time but I don't want to use it up super quick.

So run over to your local wine store and buy some rose, and pop those bottles!

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