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The Perfect Bag

One of my life goals is to find the perfect handbag/luggage. Something made of good quality, durable material but most of all beautiful. If you've read my blog before you know that I LOVE Wes Anderson. His movies are cinema masterpieces. So when I came across a blog post about someone who designed a real life bag inspired by The Darjeeling Limited I quickly started trying to justify the cost of purchasing one for myself.


The Whitman brothers travel throughout India with this luggage, all owned by their father, while trying to bond with one another. It kind of becomes a hot mess, but those bags are so sexy! The simple monogram, each piece numbered, and hand painted with safari animals....uhh yes please! This is where the Italian finance lawyer from Venice comes in. A Wes Anderson superfan, Alberto Favaretto, had the idea to produce his own Darjeeling Limited luggage, and founded the company Very Troubled Child, which is named after the fictional book from Moonrise Kingdom.

So the original one-off set, were custom made by none other than the luggage fashion house, Louis Vuitton. I die, it makes a great movie even more perfect when it comes to the attention to detail. After the film's release the luggage was auctioned off for an unspeakable amount of money.

Today you can buy a genuine first-grain leather bag complete with emerald green inner cotton lining as well as safari animals manually embossed from a metal stamp color-printed on the leather. The bags are available in three sizes, from the travel bag at $99 to the largest duffle which starts at $490. 

Sadly, by the time I found this article the company is no longer selling this exact design of the Wes Anderson luggage, but you can buy something of a similar theme. However, I will continue to dream of these gorgeous bags and all the adventures we would take together.

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