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I can see your Halo

No, I'm not talking about Queen B's song but Halo Top Ice Cream. Have you heard of them? Honestly I hadn't until a promoted pin for their ice cream came up on my Pinterest page. Now let's get something straight, I hate promoted pins, advertisers couldn't leave Pinterest alone now could they? And Pinterest clearly couldn't resist that money making opportunity. However, when I saw the sexy branding of this ice cream I was a total sucker and clicked on through to find out who this company was.

Look how cleanly the carton is designed!!! Can you hear the angel's singing because I can! That simple scoop of ice cream and the type, mmm! It's perfection! And come to find out it's actually good for you. Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein and low sugar. But they only use the best, all-natural ingredients.

Let me be clear, I don't give a hoot if my ice cream is healthy or not, I just want it to taste good. I also love to support companies that take the time (and money) to invest in good branding, because that goes a long way in a saturated market like ice cream. The company Peck & Co designed the branding, you can see more photos here. The logo is clean and simple and I adore the graphics of each flavor and some of the cute patterns behind them.

The ice cream is as simple as the brand, straight and to the point and most of all delicious! Now run (don't walk) to the nearest store that is carrying Halo Top Ice Cream, I found my delicious Lemon Cake flavor at Kroger. 

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