Hannah Palasinski


Design & Lifestyle Insights of a Yankee Designer Living in the South


I enjoy purchasing things for my home from local companies and artists. Don't get me wrong, I love West Elm as much as the next girl, but I find more meaning in purchasing something from a small, more personable company. While in Charleston, SC on vacation my friend Megan and I came across these delicious wine scented candles in a small local market. Let me tell you how I fell in love with Rewined Candles.

These candles are all natural soy wax, poured into discarded wine bottles. They have a family of intoxicating scents which are all designed to mimic flavors and aromas in your favorite varieties of wine. Shut.It.Down! Megan and I immediately started sniffing each one, sharing our new favorite with one another. They smell just as good as real wine, if not better.

Rewind was branded by local Charleston design company, Stitch Design Co. Each candles has a vintage and producer label, allowing each candles to be signed and dated by the candle maker. A wood veneer wax topper sits on top of the candle to keep them clean and free from dust before use. Stitch Design Co developed a color system using wax seals to color code each varietal scent.

I was about to purchase the Pinot Grigio, but then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a candle in a clear bottle, be still my heart, it was Rose. My favorite type of wine. My inner OCD was bothered by the fact that it wasn't in the normal green bottle, but after inquiring I was told that it is because they are a limited edition scent. That sealed the deal for me, well that and the fact that it has an addictive scent, even unlit! Now let me tell you, this brand from the beginning has impressed me, but they really sealed the deal with me when the sales woman packed up my candle in a cloth bag screen printed with Rewined graphics. It was the perfect packaging and also very impressive, it felt so thoughtful and personal.

Granted, I didn't get the nifty box or tube of matches like you do when you order a candle online, I was proud to walk around with my purchase. It is a great presentation. This just goes to show that with a truly great business idea (wine scented candles in old wine bottles) and with the help of great, powerful branding you are set up for success. You can purchase these candles on their website, surrounding local businesses in Charleston and places like your local West Elm. These candles would make great house warming, hostess or birthday gifts! Happy burning my friends, cheers!