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Tiny House

I remember falling in love with the idea of living in a tiny house last Christmas while back in Michigan. I was watching tv with my mom and sister watching whatever was on HGTV when a show about Tiny House's came on. I suddenly became enthralled with this small house on wheels.

I became swept up in the romantic idea of moving wherever you wanted with your home right behind your truck. Boston one day, Cali the next? Done. We continued to watch the show and I loved the idea of living with purpose, only surrounding yourself with items that served at least 2 functions. One couple said if it didn't serve at least 3(!) purposes then it didn't make the cut in their tiny house.

The average Tiny House is between 100 sq ft to 400 sq ft. Whaaaaat?! Thats like living in a closet! But a very cute closet, I say to myself. Everything in these houses is literally on display, there are hardly ever closets or much storage to speak of. I like the idea of only keeping what I truly love.

I told my boyfriend that we should live in a tiny house. His first words were, "we like our stuff too much, and we own too much." True, very true. He always talks about not wanting to settle down, so I figured this would entice him. I started to do research, and even paid to watch a documentary movie about the couple building their own tiny home, and they got interviewed on Apartment Therapy as well. It was FASCINATING! Some people build their home themselves, which was a really appealing idea to me. But lets face it, I've never built anything in my life. Unless IKEA furniture counts. But nevertheless, my tiny house dream was still alive!

However, after my boyfriend decided to move back to Michigan and go to grad school, and I decided to stay in Atlanta and continue working, I had to find an apartment I could afford myself. That is hard, let me tell you! I wanted to stay close to work, and didn't want to deal with the insane traffic commuting into the city, and most importantly I wanted a clean and safe apartment. I ended up finding a 700 sq ft apartment in the same neighborhood I was currently living in. It's perfect for one person but I'm still living with my boyfriend for 2 months, and let me tell you, it feels like we are constantly on top of one another, especially in the kitchen. It also doesn't help that the apartment only has 1 window AC unit and its in the living/bedroom...so the kitchen is never cool, so that doesn't help either. But this was the moment I realized I could never live with someone in a tiny house. 400 sq feet with another person? Count me out. I just don't think I could do it. I still love the idea of a tiny house, but I just have come to my senses that it's not meant for me. However, it did inspire me to pair down my wardrobe a bit, and get ride of some things (like my coffee table) that I really didn't need (or have room for) in my new apartment. Sure, there are days where I miss those things, like today while I'm writing this post with my laptop on my lap instead of at a table, but then I get over it. A Tiny House may not be perfect for me, but that doesn't mean it would be perfect for you. A customizable home that can go anywhere with you, pretty perfect right? Check out some details below!