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Farm Anatomy

I'll be the first to admit that I don't care for the outdoors and everything that comes with it. However, when I moved to Georgia I was surprised to see that farmers markets lasted almost all year long (thanks to the warm weather!). I walked to my local farmers market and discovered fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meats and veggies as well as bread and flowers. It was amazing! I wanted to start a Farm to Table themed project for my portfolio. I was doing research online and discovered the book Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life by Julia Rothman

I was immediately drawn to all of the illustrations and hand type all done by Julia herself. I couldn't gain access to all of the images online (which I totally understand, otherwise people would never buy the books) so I drove 30 minutes north to the only Barnes and Noble that had this book in stock. I bought it without a second thought in my mind. I poured over the illustrations and learned all about farm life.

Julia's husband Matt grew up on a farm and when they were dating went home with him for the holidays and was captivated by the entire lifestyle. Every time she went to visit she brought back something she learned and a story to share, a pie recipe or a piece of old barn wood to make a shelf in their home. She hopes this book will bring the ideals and traditions that Matt grew up with into their daily lives. 

I enjoy learning the simple things about living on a farm, like 4 ways to grow tomatoes. As well as interesting facts like how to plant an orchard and different varieties of apples. I also really like that the book is full of recipes for bread, cake and pancakes.

I find this book inspiring every time I flip through it. I should really make an effort to try some of the recipes, especially the basic bread recipe, I can practically smell it now! I enjoy the bright colors and all of the information that is easy to read.

This week I also learned that Julia has done another book called Nature Anatomy. This book is even less up my alley, but maybe my mom would enjoy it, she loves to garden! I suggest you all visit Julia's website and check out more images and illustrations. 

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