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The Fresh Exchange

I was finding these images on Pinterest with beautiful hand drawn type on them. I became obsessed and had to find out who designed them. I found the source of these images was a blog called The Fresh Exchange. Husband and Wife team, Mike and Megan Gilger, created this blog as their creative space for them to write and create daily. They write about different topics that can relate to just about anybody. 

All of these images came directly from The Fresh Exchange and their 2014 recap.

I love everything about this blog but to detail it out better for you what I love most is how relatable it is for me. These two people are graphic designers from Michigan. They have such a passion for what they do and how they do it. They started their own studio, Wild Measure, together. Living and working together every day, I give them mad props! 

I also enjoy that they are passionate about living a good life. What I mean is, they have written posts about how they have sensible wardrobes, where they invest in really good quality pieces that can be paired and layered with multiple outfits. It's just so sensible! They also chose to furnish their new house in North Carolina with only American made products. Supporting local is a passion of theirs which in reading the multiple posts on this topic has really inspired me to try and do the same. I started by supporting my local farmers and shopping for fresh produce at the farmers market during the warmer months in Atlanta.

They travel a lot for work and pleasure and do an amazing job at documenting their experiences. Please check out their trip to Paris here, it really is my favorite. I don't know when I will be able to travel to Europe but I feel like I get some sort of the same experience when reading their posts. I also love that Megan throws in what she wore while on the trip. I'm a notorious over packer, and she and Mike only pack in carry-ons! 

If you're in the market for a new blog to follow I would highly suggest this one. Mike takes 90% of the pictures and Megan writes the majority of the posts. They are a great team and it all comes together harmoniously.

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