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Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh is an American-based company known for its cold-pressed juices and smoothies in pursuit of the most delicious, most nutritious juice experience. 


My first encounter with evelution juice was at a Starbucks. I noticed the bright label in the case under all the tempting baked goods. Not soon after that trip I came across an article on the branding of this juice on the dieline.  I was mesmerized by the process of making the logo. All of the iterations of the letters and in different colors. In my opinion this hand made process isn't as practiced as it should be in the lives of designers. So often we settle for a hand drawn looking type face. I can hear one of my college professors now, "you aren't allowed to use a hand drawn type face unless you draw it yourself." This was all before I'd heard of Jessica Hische, I didn't know about this making type by drawing, all I knew is. That it sounded like a lot of work and that I hated my handwriting. How foolish I was to not look into this more and embrace this beautiful craft. The evolution juice logo gives off a sense of honesty and trust with its free flowing form. Through more research I read the strategy to the branding process. I love that a watercolor circle was created for each flavor of juice. That not only differentiates each flavor but also goes to show that the company thought about having each flavor stand out on its own and not just depending on people to read the label for text to tell them the flavor. It's so much easier for people to see the difference between products using color and not depending solely on text. 

The posters created for the ideals and beliefs of the evolution juice company are also bright and inticing. It makes me want to hang one up on my wall because they give off that "feel good" feeling. 

Evolution also has a line of snacks. The water color style is carried over throughout the packaging which I would buy just because they are pretty. But they also give off this sense of craft and wellness. I believe that if something that looks so good on the outside will not only taste delicious but will make me feel good too.

Overall I think "company name" did a great job establishing evolution as a strong and healthy brand. Their use of hand drawn type through watercolor paint gives the brand a strong yet caring and knowledgable voice. The use of color really goes above and beyond and is by far my favorite part of this brand.

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