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Books in Bloom

I've loved books for as long as I can remember. My parents always encouraged me to read as much as possible and because of that I was reading at a high school reading level in the fifth grade. Now, I'm not saying that I read War and Peace but I did read all of the books with pretty covers. That trend has continued since then. Why else would I have picked up this book called Twilight, that enticed me with a pale pair of hands holding out an apple? At that time I didn't have an obsession with vampires, but after devouring that book in a mere 24 hours my love of vampires began. All because of the cover art. So, while at Anthropologie this past week I spotted these classics with a face lift. Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co worked with Puffin to redesign four classics: Little Women, Heidi, The Little Princess and Anne of Green Gables. All four of these classics have a dear place in my heart since I was a little girl. All of these books have wholesome movie renditions and they are some of the first movies I can ever remember watching. 

I love the whimsical painting style and the sweet faces of all the characters. I also am attracted to the bright colors of the books (with the exception of Little Women, which has more of the Christmastime color palette which is completely relevant.)


After seeing these books in store I checked out Anna's instagram account and saw that she gives sneak peeks of her projects. Look at these sketches and paintings of some of the books!

I adore the style of these books, I want to buy them all! If you purchase through Rifle Paper Co's website you also get matching bookmarks for each book. 


The insides of the books are also beautifully illustrated with characters and icons from important scenes throughout the stories.


I feel like I should save up the money and buy the pack of 4 from Rifle Paper Co's website for $64. They would not only be books that I cherish but books that I could someday share with my children. They are classics that I believe every child should read (and then watch the movie of course). They teach valuable lessons and are wholesome stories for little kids. 

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