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Summer Essentials

This past saturday in Atlanta, it was a cool 65 degrees (for about 4 hours). It was AMAZING! It reminded me of fall back in Michigan, my favorite time of year. 


Who wouldn't love driving around and this being your view? So I have been in fall mode, which I need to promptly snap out of, it is 90+ degrees here and will be for the next few months.

So I was really happy when I came across this print from Jones Design Company. This blogger mom has created her "Summer Essentials". It really puts me (back) in the summer mood.

The perfect summer day for me includes packing up my trusty tote bag with my favorite book and sunblock and drive to South Haven and go to Lake Michigan. I grew up going to South Haven every summer with my mom & sister and staying at my mom's sisters cottage. There were always at least 6 or 7 of us ladies at the cottage for almost a week. We were on "lake time", wake up when you want, do what you want, eat what you want...even if it's ice cream for dinner. YESSSSSSS! Even though I miss South Haven & Lake Michigan a lot, I am able to bring the South Haven beach experience to my life in Georgia. I still paint my toes bright red, and enjoy fresh, juicy watermelon. Except now, I can enjoy King of Pops popsicles! The Banana Puddin' pop is addictive! 

Jones Design Company has also done a print for each season, which you can sign up for their archive and can download the prints for free! I can't wait to print all 4 and rotate them in my bedroom during each respective season!