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Design & Lifestyle Insights of a Yankee Designer Living in the South


Hello, thats me, Hannah. A twenty-four year old designer who moved from Michigan to Georgia for my next big adventure....and to also get slightly addicted to taking selfies while stuck in rush hour traffic.


This post will give you a deeper insight about myself, my background and my life now in Atlanta. My story begins in Michigan. I was born in October, which in my opinion is the best month in the north. The weather is the perfect temperature and the colors are breathtaking.

My home in Atl is pretty cool. I live on a historic street in Virginia Highlands on the top floor of a house that was built in the 1930's. I also happen to live right across the street from the tree of life.


I knew moving to the South would be hot, but no one told me about the rain that happens here. Maybe it was unseasonal but I got to experience my first year in Atlanta in the rain. And let me tell you Piedmont Park isn't nearly as magical in the rain as it is in the sunshine. 

However, the sun finally came out and boy what a difference it made!

Georgia is where they film the show, The Walking Dead, so my boyfriend and I decided that we should watch it. Not only do I now get zombie nightmares I also think that every person I see walking down the street in the dark is a zombie. Great, just after I finally got over my nightmares of The Grudge I had to find some other reason to be afraid of the dark. Anyways, it oddly became our favorite show and it is super exciting that the show sometimes films in Atlanta. 

I was even able to go to a location where they filmed, The Goat Farm, on the west side. Needless to say I had a fan girl experience. That was until my boyfriend actually SAW the show filming outside of his office downtown. Some people have all the luck I tell you!

This year has been all about new experiences. Atlanta is where I feel in love with donuts all over again thanks to Revolution Donuts and their "tasty" instagram. 


I also learned to re-embrace my inner child thanks to the delicious popsicles of The King of Pops! I now think of them every time I see a rainbow umbrella. 

I learned to make homemade biscuits for the first time, and thanks to Home Grown, I also am now obsessed with chicken biscuits smothered in gravy (and I have NEVER liked gravy before).


Ok, basically Atlanta is where I fell even more in love with food. Can you blame me?! Just look at that plate of peach cobbler pancakes. Thank you Le Petit Marche, you are my new favorite breakfast place in the city...just don't tell Home Grown.


I've never had patience when it came to waiting for a meal. But I once waited well over an hour to eat at the West Egg Cafe and boy was it worth it! Banana Bread French Toast! Yumm!


My favorite thing that I did in the past year had to be checking something off my bucket list. Going to a monster truck event. Yessssss! Bless you Monster Jam! It was an epic date night full of rednecks, monster trucks and partial hearing loss. A true dream come true.


Atlanta is a great place to live while in your twenties. The city has so many different things to offer. I love finding the little places that do remind me of home though. I have failed to find a 24 hour coffee shop to replace The Bitter End back in Grand Rapids, but Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party does come close! 


So go forth and explore your city and share your favorite spots!

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