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Design & Lifestyle Insights of a Yankee Designer Living in the South

Love Thy Farmer

I have officially been living in the south for a year now. I have tried to embrace the southern lifestyle. But only within these past few months it seems that I have truly found myself feeling southern. I have discovered the local farmers markets. There is nothing like a walk on saturday mornings to a farmers market. Everyone is happy to be there and talking about food, the happiest thing on earth. I am able to drink lemonade from a mason jar, enjoy live folk music while picking up freshly picked strawberries and homemade cheese. This new found love of the local farmer is influencing my love for Farm to Table design.


The work of Whiskey Design has been an inspiration to me. They did branding for Fresh Air Farm, a carefree open event space. The design is whimsical, bright and friendly. I want to get married there and I haven't actually been there in person. It is the kind of design that makes you feel so comfortable, that it gives me the feeling like I have spent many years at this place. 

Something else that I associate with Farm to Table is burlap and pretty much anything distressed looking. These cute save the date bags feel like they were made right on the farm. And the cloth buttons with the date printed on them are the perfect finishing touch. 


Farm to Table restaurant concepts and dinner parties are currently all the rage. Sourcing fresh, local ingredients has become very important to people. People enjoy knowing where their food comes from and even knowing the people that grow it. I love this menu idea for a Farm to Table dinner even. The loose hand drawn font is authentic and fun paired with the light san serif face. I also love that it is printed on a cloth napkin. A cloth napkin is a nice touch, it makes any place feel like home.

I love this work for Rahal Farms. The logo mark just screams southern charm. The packaging for their eggs is vibrant and it makes me want to read everything on the carton. Anderson Design Group has elevated one of the most overlooked but most used packages in everyones life, the egg carton. I have honestly never studied an egg carton, I am always too consumed with looking to see what size eggs I am picking up and if any are broken. But with their brilliant use of typography I want to read every word on this egg carton.

Reusable tote bags are also popular right now, not only are they easier on the environment but you are able to express yourself when you are out at the grocery store, farmers market or even using it for your lunch bag. It is the perfect way for people to advertise their restaurants or farms. Or even to simply spread the message to Love Thy Farmer.