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Wondermade Marshmallows

Sometimes you come across a brand that sticks with you forever because of how powerful and inspiring it is. For as long as I live I will never forget the branding of Wondermade Marshmallows. 


Wondermade started as a gift, Nathan Clark made marshmallows for his wife, Jenn for Christmas all thanks to a story on NPR about candy. Together they experimented with flavors and started giving them away to friends, and once someone asked to buy some they had their "Aha!" moment. They reached out to The Heads of State to design their brand and packaing and Studio on Fire produced their packaging. On their website, The Heads of State say the following about he Wondermade brand; "Wondermade makes marshmallows of an almost endless variety "for eating and for sharing". We created a brand that has the heart and whimsy of Willy Wonka but the sophistication to jump out on the shelves of the countries top candy stores. From packaging to copywriting, we made it our goal to position Wondermade as an honest brand with its roots in the kitchen and its eye in the clouds.


Studio on Fire used French paper as the base for these whimsical packages. Each different flavor has its own specific colored package. French paper company has a very fun line of paper colors called Poptones that really spoke to the Wondermade brand. Examples of colors used are French Poptone: Grape Jelly, Red Hot, Lemon Drop, Orange Fizz, Gumdrop Green and Hot Fudge. Each package has the logo letter pressed onto the top.


The packages are sealed with cloud stickers that denote the flavor of marshmallow inside. 


The back of the sticker lists the ingredients, the date you should eat the treats by, and a beautiful photo of the tasty marshmallow flavor inside.

Allow yourself to indulge in these marshmallows for $7.95 a box, or a flavor 4 pack inspired by the seasons and/or holidays ranging in price around $30. Wondermade also offers an Adventure Club that for $44 a month you get a box of marshmallows shipped to your door every friday so you can start the weekend off right. You can experience many of their newly discovered flavors or some of their classic recipes each week. What's not to love when one of these cute little colorful boxes shows up at your doorstep?