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An Obsession With Chalk

My name is Hannah and I am obsessed with chalk typography. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful and captivating mediums of typography that I have come across. There is something rough, authentic and perhaps honestly genuine about it. My obsession started many years ago when I somehow came across a young mother's pregnancy blog. Now, I'm not a mother myself, but I have always loved babies, and this mom was documenting her baby bump journey by using a long chalkboard to show each week and the size of the baby, cravings, etc. She used brightly colored chalk and has a beautiful hand writing style. Let me introduce you to Jessica Garvin of LittleBabyGarvin.com

Mrs. Garvin gave birth to baby Harper, probably one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen and is actually getting ready to have her second little girl. She documents her journey of life and motherhood weekly on her blog, which I now follow religiously. She has a chalkboard for every occasion, birthdays, holidays and regular every day life. Her chalkboards constantly inspire me to explore hand type and using chalk as a medium.

How adorable is that picture above?! One of my other inspirational favorites was her menu for Thanksgiving. This just goes to show that you can incorporate design into any aspect of your life! Her chalkboard lives in her kitchen and she finds so many cute ways to incorporate it into her daily life. She often decorates it with lights or garlands.


Not only does she inspire me to do something similar in my own home with a chalk board, but also to have design incorporated in a fun way every day in my life. She often decorates throughout her own home with reproduction prints of her chalkboards. Which is something all designers should do. 


Jessica has a shop on Etsy, jandpaper, where you can buy downloadable versions of some of her chalkboards. She often has discounts for holidays as well! One of my favorites is from my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.


Something that continually has me coming back to her blog is her fun personality and writing style. Like I said before, I don't have any kids, so why do I continue to read a baby blog? She is so completely honest about life and motherhood. She has a shameless addiction of Hocus Pocus, which I can fully appreciate. She also shares the bad stories of motherhood, like when her daughter threw her shoes out the car window or their hell-ish adventure in a hotel room with a toddler. It makes me laugh and know what once I have kids that it isn't that you're a bad mom, kids are just kids and its never a dull day.


Jessica also has been invited by local Atlanta artists to do some of her chalk art for their events. See her Kate Spade inspired art below, as well as an outdoor christmastime even with hot chocolate.

I will follow Jessica's blog until she decides to not continue on with it anymore, which hopefully is NEVER! So I will continually be inspired by her breathtaking typography and strive to fill my home with as much love and design as she does.

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