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Windows of New York

I feel that in order to be a great designer you should design something every day. Still being a new designer I haven't quite figured out what my "thing" is yet. Or what do I want to be really well known for and good at? Some designers have started daily projects in which every day they design something of a particular subject matter. Jessica Hische designed her Daily Drop Caps and Jose Guizar has designed his Windows of New York.

Windows of New York is a weekly illustration project of designer Jose Guizar. It is a collection of windows that have somehow caught his eye. A window can take anywhere from 3-8 hours to create depending on how much detail he wants to include. 


This weekly project is all about inspiration and finding your creative voice. Jose is obsessed with windows and living in a city that never sleeps he found out at the craziness of it all calms down at a few feet up. Each window is labeled with its address and the NY neighborhood it is in. They are simple yet complex.


I've never been the person to stop and really study the architecture of buildings and appreciate all of the details that someone took the time to put in. This project has really opened my eyes to appreciating the details around me.

I'm always curious as to who lives in a home, I wonder what they do, how is the inside decorated, I wonder what kind of life they lead. This project reinforces my sense of curiosity.  


I love cities that are filled with historical buildings that people have preserved and still live in. I really love this window that came from Chinatown. The details above the window are very oriental feeling. I love that in New York you really get a sense of each neighborhood the style of the people that first lived there. 


Check out this project, it is truly incredible and reinforces my passion in design and details. I still feel the need to have a project like this of my own, maybe not so specific. I'm not too sure yet. I need more exploration to figure out what it is that I want for myself. But for now I'll keep gazing at the windows of New York.

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