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Posters...On A Stick

One of the designers I admire most is Allan Peters who is a Creative Director/Designer Allan from Minneapolis, Minnesota who is currently working for Target aka one of the happiest places on earth. He designed that beautiful Threshold logo! 

His type work is brilliant and is always just right. My favorite piece of work I've ever seen him do was a series of posters for the Minnesota State fair.


What is more quintessential of a fair than a corn dog?! Nothing! That was absolutely brilliant! I love the playfulness and the outright simplicity of these posters. All of the content is organized perfectly and he only used 2 typefaces, one for the text and another for the numbers. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the shapes of the corn dog, corn on the cob and the pickle are detailed while remaining simple. I don't live in Minnesota nor have I ever gone to their fair, but I want to get a print of each of these and frame them forever. They are pleasing to the eye and down right happy, posters on a stick!

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