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You're In The Army Now

I want to be a member of the army but not just any army, Design Army.

Where to even begin? They are perhaps the most bad ass small agency in the U.S. Located in Washington D.C. It was founded by a husband and wife team, Pum & Jake Lefebure in 2003. Their firm has a distinct point of view which has won them numerous awards. They have a diverse client base but I am going to focus on my favorite client of theirs; Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine. 

One thing Design Army is known for is there flawless typography. Design Army lets each article have a voice and style of its own. This makes the entire magazine exciting for those brides-to-be and the non-maried ladies such as myself. Through DA, Bride & Groom magazine has every reader's mind up in the clouds dreaming and planning their perfect day.


It all starts with a ring. DA breaks down the 4 C's of buying the perfect diamond ring. Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat weight.

Trying to decide on the perfect flavor for your wedding cake and stressing out about it? DA breaks down the flavors and helps you focus on what your wedding cake flavor says about you.

Another stressful part of planning your wedding is the food at the reception. We have all been to receptions where the food was just terrible. Several different articles break down planning wedding feast. One article broke down HOW much food you should serve based on the number of guests. Because every bride and groom asks themselves "how much food do we need?" Another article broke down types of wines and champagne and one focused on themes of food you could serve at your reception.

Another difficult portion of the wedding is picking your colors. DA has come up with colors that pair well together and lay out how they work on your gown and your mans suit, stationary, china, gifts and accessories.

Do I even dare mention a wedding registry? One of the most stressful things I've ever seen brides go through. What do you register for? Will everything match? Where do I even begin? DA has most recently helped brides find their way by breaking down a bridal registry based upon your couple's style with the fun twist focused on famous couples.

It goes without saying that I am constantly drooling over their dynamic type use in this magazine, and even though I'm not in the process of planning my own wedding I want to get a subscription of Bride & Groom and keep them forever.