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Gatsby, What Gatsby?


One of the most iconic questions to ever come from literature: "Gatsby, What Gatsby?" I never had to read this book in school, which I am pretty upset about, seeing as it's one of the best books I've ever read. Luckily, my boyfriend owned a copy and I started reading it feverishly before the movie came out, which we promptly went and saw in theatres. The movie didn't do the book justice. However, it did inspire designers around the country to put the cover art on items such as purses, see the Kate Spade clutch below!



It also goes without saying that the book covers were put onto iPhone cases too. 


Naturally, the cover art for the book started getting redesigned by people across the country, and became a redesign project for design students. On a side note, a true pet peeve of mine, I hate when the movie poster becomes the cover art of the book it's based on. NO NO NO! That just ruins it for me. The books are always so different from how the movie turns out. Don't tarnish the story by sticking the movie art on it. The movie ultimately always lets me down, and I don't need a reminder of how much the movie sucked on the cover of the book I love! I avoid these covers like the plague, I will go out of my way to get the original cover art copy. 


Now, let me go on record saying that the typography for this movie poster is drop.dead.gorgeous. It has made me want to design everything in the Art Deco style. It is swoon worthy! This movie really did bring the glitz and glamour of that time period to life. And things weren't cheap back then either, but imagine how much all of those clothes, homes and parties cost in todays day and age. Consult this fun infographic I found online to compare the prices of clothes, jewelry and champagne.


The movie's costume designer Catherine Martin came away with an Oscar for Best Costume Design Sunday night. She did amazing work, I want to dress in sequins and silk all the time now!


I would like to raise a glass and toast to F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. A book that inspired two film adaptations and keeps the love of the jazz age alive within us all.

Here to you Old Sport. Cheers!