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And The Oscar Goes To...

It's that time of year again, The Academy Awards. I've actually seen 4 of the 9 movies that are up for the Best Picture award: The Wolf On Wall Street, Her, The Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle. Out of those 4, Her was my favorite. It was fabulous! I can also see our world shifting towards that direction too, our OS systems being that intelligent and learning from us, each one tailored to our personalities and our needs. Creepy and exciting at the same time!

That aside, I have a love of random facts and celebrities. So naturally, I love all of the infographics that are surfacing about the Academy Awards, and its history. 



Besides all of these statistics, I love viewing infographics that focus around the movie that won Best Picture that year. Below are my favorites that I've come across.


A simple, graphic for each Best Picture winner, representing something iconic from that film, and the year. 


This one is my favorite so far because someone took it upon themselves to design the Oscar statue to focus on that years winner. Can you guess every one? 

Who do you think will win Best Picture this year? I hope Her wins, however, I would also be happy with American Hustle winning, the only thing I didn't like about that movie was how long it was. I hope Jennifer Lawrence comes away with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, she was FLAWLESS in that role! And Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to take home the win for Best Actor in The Wolf on Wall Street. Cast your votes, cross your fingers and hold your breath! 

And the Oscar goes to....