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Everyone Loves an E-Blast

The power of a well designed e-blast is extremely important in todays society. It has to display the content in just the right way to get people to click through to the website. In my professional opinion a company that is doing a great job with their eblasts (for women anyway) is Anthropology. 

The popular retailer is known for their clothing, accessories and home decor. I can't afford to shop there, but I can appreciate how well they market themselves, because it MAKES me want to shop there. 


That right there was the e-blast that made me LOVE Anthro. Simple steps on how to treat yourself right! I immediately forwarded this to all of my girlfriends. I want to print this out and hang it on my wall. It has the perfect amount of pictures and fun type to keep me interested to scroll down through the entire message. Totally brill! I have done some research on Pinterest to other e-blasts that they have. Enjoy their bright colors, beautiful photos and sexy type!


How beautiful are those? Are you feeling inspired by Anthro as much as I am? I hope so!

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