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Live Colorfully

As if you couldn't guess this post is all about my favorite designer, Kate Spade New York. Being a designer, I am obsessed with color. And Kate, my friends is all about color. I am not big into the fashion world, what I know comes from watching Sex and the City, reading my gossip magazines and reality tv. I first discovered Kate Spade when this little gem hit the shelves. 



Things We Love. How wickedly brilliant. I scoured the internet and discovered the Kate Spade Blog, Behind the Curtain, and their "Things We Love" column. I fell in love. I drove to my nearest Barnes & Noble and poured over this book. It is a marvelous coffee table book and is full of colored photographs. Each chapter has its own theme ie. Polka Dots, A Well Placed Bow and New York, New York! As a designer, I loved the layout of the book, each chapter intro has its own half page, colored insert with the title and the back has a short talking point about that theme. It is brilliant. Minimal copy paired with dynamic photos. 

J crew ring4.jpg

After this book, I have become a devout follower of Miss Spade. As you can see why.

She knows how to appeal to a woman. She knows that women love to feel special, hell, we ARE special! Her packaging makes a colorful statement, which every woman loves to do, be the center of attention.


Her bright colors and classic patterns are addictive. Her pieces are unique and have their own voice. She knows how to speak to her audience. 


She also has recently started focusing around glasses. As a lady who wears glasses herself, I remember how they were SO uncool when you had to wear them. The taunting of "four eyes" still echos in my head. Now, however, glasses are hip, cool and sexy! Say what?! Kate Spade has made glasses as classic as the little black dress. 


Kate Spade, not only has one of the most beautifully, simplistic logos, she knows how to stick to her brand. That in itself, makes me respect the brand even more. I love when brands know who they are and they totally own it. Kate Spade has a voice that is heard by women across the country. 


I leave you with those inspirational words on "What You Should Be" from Kate Spade, now its time to go put on those heels and take the world by storm! Cheers!

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