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Happy New Year!

I always start off the new year with resolutions, so here is my list for 2015!

One: Have a Blogging Schedule

I've already started on this resolution by purchasing a small calendar from Sugar Paper at Target. It's pink and white stripes with 2015 in gold foil. It is so chic and makes me want to organize my whole life. But for now I will start with planning out my blog posts. I have been writing blog topics on post its and scraps of paper so now I will write posts a head of time and schedule out posting times and specific themes. 

Two: Teach Myself to Cook

I have purchased a few really good cook books in the past year and the few recipes that I have tried have went swimmingly. I want to feel comfortable and confidant in the kitchen. So I plan to start off small, and make 1 meal a week from one of my cook books and progress from there.

Three: Plan Fun Dates

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. We sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas of something fun and new to do together. So I have started jotting down fun date ideas and I am doing some research. For starters: Picnics in Piedmont Park, Painting Pottery and going to a Sip and Paint (drink wine and learn to paint a picture!).

Four: Let My Creativity Soar

I plan to work hard on my website to make it as amazing as possible. So I have started making a list of all the ideas and upgrades that I want to make. First by rewriting the project descriptions, reshoot some images and add new projects (some of which will be self-initiated projects) I also want my blog layouts to be well designed, not just adding photos and text. So I started off the new year right by taking a half hour to design the one image in this post. Not bad right?

Five: Enjoy Alone Time

I've always been the type of person who doesn't enjoy being alone. I don't know what to do with myself and in turn get really sad. Well not anymore! When I do find myself alone I plan to go on a walk and explore my lovely city, watch one of my favorite rom-coms (which my boyfriend doesn't care for) or splurge on one of my favorite meals for dinner. I need to make each moment count whether it is slowing down and enjoying each sip of my morning coffee or sketching in my notebook.

Six: Live With Purpose

I was inspired by HGTV's show Tiny House Builders over Christmas vacation. Couples living in small homes (they are an average size of 180 sq ft) that are built on trailers and are pulled around by their own trucks. Everything inside the home had so much purpose. I watched one couple who built their tiny house themselves, it was so inspiring. They said if something didn't have at least 2-3 functions then they didn't put it in their home. I love the idea of living simply (this is coming from a person who loves to shop and to decorate). I can't run out and build a tiny house tomorrow, nor do I think I'm ready to live in a home that small but I can start by decluttering my life, one day at a time with the help of Apartment Therapy's January Cure. Join me by signing up for the daily email instructions!

Here's to a very happy new year!

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