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Sweet Escape

I have this overly romanticized dream of having a small but gorgeous apartment in Manhattan and from the same woman who brought us Airstream Dream, she has gone and made what I pictured as my perfect studio apartment. Which in her case is the tiny room above her carriage house. 

Sarah Schneider created this cozy guest retreat over her carriage house. I love the softness that is given off with the wooden walls and ceilings as well as the white and aqua color palette. 


She created this little kitchenette area by purchasing the island from Ikea and installing the vessel sink. No kitchen is complete without a keurig, and I love that she chose to buy a yellow coffee maker vs the normal black (which wouldn't have fit in with the decor at all.)

This aqua metal cart is also from Ikea. I myself have one of these carts but use it as a nightstand. It really is the best $50 you can spend for a versatile household item. Sarah uses this cart as a snack and beverage cart for overnight guests. Which in my opinion really makes guests feel special and at home. 

The majority of the books, lights and decor are from Anthropologie. 

She noted that she had to find the smallest sink and toilet possible for this space. But there is something that I love about how small the bathroom is, this is a no nonsense bathroom. I don't spend a lot of time in the bathroom, I just don't care enough. Give me a good mirror and an outlet so I can blow-dry my hair and I'm set! This seems like a great bathroom, with the exception that there is no tub for baths. That is always a must as a woman, you need to live in a place with a tub for the occasional relaxing bubble bath.


All of the bedding is from Anthropologie, expect for the knitted throw, which Sarah's mother made her. 


I love the mismatched white chairs with the fluffy pillows perfect for reading or relaxing at the end of the day.


Sarah never forgets the details in any of her spaces, whether its a dream catcher, heart pillow or a tiny bowl full of chocolate kisses. She puts together a flawless space. Now if only I can have her style my home as well.

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