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Airstream Dream

According to Urban Dictionary the definition of Glamping: Glamorous camping. Satisfying your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed. "No stinky sleeping bags on the hard ground and freeze dried food for me. If its not a Glamping trip, count me out." Amen sister. I've never been one for the great outdoors, however I have always had a dream of owning an Airstream trailer. There is something about those silver Airstreams that make me picture classic Americana families taking off for a road trip across the country. I want to be in that picture! I absolutely fell in love with this Airstream renovation on Love, Sarah Schneider. I could tell immediately that she decorated in partner with Anthropologie. Sarah said "I want our home on wheels-where we will journey and see the country to feel like home. To be comfortable, and inspiring. To evoke imagination, adventure and creativity."

Sarah was inspired by the Wandering Star pillow for the interior of the space and "wander" became a word showing up all over the trailer, so she named the trailer, Wandering Star. How naturally fitting. 


She painted the entire interior white making the space appear very bright and open. She added bright coral wallpaper starting in the kitchen, lining the hallway.

The kitchen is very small, but I love the attention to detail. The hexagon tile behind the stove, the butcher block countertops and the hanging utensil rack. Sarah also bought normal length curtains, but cut them down to fit the size of the windows. How smart! 


The back bedroom was designed with kids and adults in mind. Sarah says it works great for her kids, or when she takes trips with her girl friends. 


I love that the beds have lots of pillows to cuddle with and the curtains make the space feel very cozy. 

Finally, the couch in the living room transforms into a bed. I love all of the layers of blankets and pillows.


I can picture myself waking up huddled under the blankets on a crisp fall morning, climbing out only to get a cup of coffee. This truly is my dream airstream come to life. I am motivated by Sarah to make my dream of owning an airstream trailer come true.

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