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A Love Affair with Williams Sonoma

What better topic for my first blog post then my greatest love...Williams Sonoma's Packaging.

If you're a designer and you are lacking creativity get in your car and drive straight to your closest Williams Sonoma now! I see their gold lettered logo from a distance and I get butterflies in my stomach. I enter the threshold and sigh. I immediately make my rounds around the store...slowly.  These are some of my favorites.


This series of Cupcake Mixes are beautiful! I love their bright color palettes. The bursts that contain the typography are a fun way to display a lot of information. This packaging shows off the whimsical world of cupcakes.


I fell in love with the lemon yellow of this package the moment I saw it on Pinterest and searched it out at the WS store. It reminded me of a county fair. I eventually saw it in person and wanted to buy it....only for the box. I honestly have no need for a glass microwave popcorn popper. 


Enter my love for classic illustrations and a good outline font. The color palette made me feel nostalgic for my moms homemade cakes. There is something maternal about those soft colors.  


I've had a passionate love with Pinterest since I first heard about it years ago. Naturally I loved that I could drool over WS packaging any time I wanted. I came across this little number and fell in love with the Red, White and Blue Americana-ness of it. Whats better than a corn dog? A corn dog making kit from WS!!! While taking one of my many trips to WS I almost screamed when I actually saw this in person. My first real life Pinterest sighting!!! I held it in my hands...and possibly hugged...and tried to talk myself into buying this. I hardly ever eat corn dogs, and I certainly wouldn't ever make one myself. I have people to do that for me! I slowly set the kit down and walked away...I've never seen the package again. Do I regret not buying it? YES! Almost ever day.


Have you heard the song, Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson? Its wonderful. And when I saw this on Pinterest I died. The yellow is perfect and the hand typography is breath taking. I of course logged on to WS.com and COULDNT FIND IT!!! The horror!!! I still to this day haven't seen this in person, because I would, in fact, buy it on the spot. Keep a look out for me!


Ending with this set of cookie mixes...I found these beautiful...the colors and most of all how so many different type faces were used, and successfully! I found these at my WS Outlet store. There were choices between the sugar cookie and the chocolate marshmallow. I thought, well if I do ever make these I would want the chocolate marshmallow. So this my friends is the first thing I ever bought only with the reasoning that it is well designed. 

I also think I'm overdue for a trip to WS. Maybe this weekend! 

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